Free printable postcards to send your representatives

Recently some internet friends mentioned that they were planning to get together to make pro-choice valentines to send to their representatives and I wanted in! So here are some free instant downloads for you. A couple are are designed to cause maximum discomfort to conservative male representatives, who should absolutely be feeling discomfort about having any opinion whatsoever about what women do with their own bodies. I also included a few designs that your parents might feel more comfortable sending or that would work for representatives who are already defending women's rights to choose.

Click on the links below to download and print on cardstock from your home printer. Then trim, fold, tape, write, and mail! Instagramming is highly encouraged, my handle is @alisabobzien


What: a special Valentine’s Day delivery to state and national representatives to support access to reproductive health services. Hand deliver or mail valentines. Whether their voting record is abysmal or stellar, write them to let them know they have constituents who care (and vote) for reproductive justice.

When: mail postcards between Friday, February 10 and Monday, February 13

Why? State and national lawmakers continue to legislate to limit access to reproductive health care.

Find information on current laws and pending legislation on your state information page at:

And Congress is considering several bills:

  • HR-7, passed in Congress, heading to Senate: drastically limiting insurance coverage of abortions
  • HR-490, a “fetal heartbeat” bill similar to the one Governor Kasich struck down in Ohio, which essentially prohibits abortion after 6 weeks gestation (many women would not yet know they are pregnant)
  • HR-596 a “personhood” bill declaring that life begins at fertilization

Who:  Your state representatives are your primary target: state legislatures are some of the most active policy makers around reproductive health services. Find their names and addresses at (or drop them off at your capital building or their local offices):

Want to send more love? Target your representatives in US Congress next. Send a thank you or put them on alert. (or this google doc)

Don’t forget:

Vice President Mike Pence
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20500

Have friends in Arkansas? Encourage them to send valentines to their state representatives opposing House Bill 1032 which allow fathers to sue to keep women from aborting.